Current Date:December 1, 2022

4T’s of Diabetes

Raising awareness of diabetes is important for the early detection and the consequent, necessary treatment.

So ensure you know the 4 Ts of Type-1 Diabetes:

  • Tired – are you unusually tired?

You may feel tired all the time even if you rest more than usual. This is because some or all the glucose in your blood cannot enter your cells to give you energy.

  • Toilet – are you making frequent visits to the toilet?

When your blood glucose level is very high, your kidneys filter the excess glucose from your blood. To expel it from your body, more urine is produced, leading to more frequent visits to the toilet.

  • Thirsty – are you feeling an unquenchable thirst?

Because you are passing large volumes of urine frequently you become dehydrated. Dehydration results in thirst and drying of the mouth. Avoid quenching your thirst with sugary drinks as it will only aggravate the problem.

  • Thinner – have you suddenly lost weight?

When your body can’t make use of glucose it breaks down fats and protein (muscles). Weight loss is more rapid and commonly seen in type 1 diabetics.

These are some pressing signs that warrant a call to a general physician. Doing so would result in an early diagnosis which would help prevent the possible long-term negative effects and complications of diabetes.


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