Current Date:May 25, 2024

Decoding Food Labels

Now, it’s no secret that the majority of us don’t check food labels and we find it a quite challenging task. But, the benefits of conscious eating cannot be overstated.

Food labels consist of the information we need to make informed choices about our consumption. They can be the gateway to healthier eating.

What to look for

  1. Serving Size – This can be misleading. The actual portion of what we eat is usually more than the serving size mentioned in the packaging. So when you’re calculating the calories and other nutrients ensure to factor in the real amount you would be having.
  2. Calories – Calories account for the energy you get per serving. The problem is that often the calories we consume are in excess which could lead to health problems.
  3. Nutrition Facts – You can evade extra calories by being cutting down on some nutrients such as saturated fat, added sugars and sodium. Instead, you can check for products that are high in beneficial nutrients like fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  4. % Daily Value – This is an indication of the percentage of the bodies requirement of each nutrient that you would obtain when you consume a single serving of the product. This can help you choose goods based on which nutrients you want to consume more or less.
  5. Ingredients List – The ingredients are listed in descending order so you would know what the main ingredient of the product is at a glance. This is useful when you’re trying to avoid or eat more of specific components.

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