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Signs and Symptoms

The 3 Ps of diabetes

Diabetes has three classic symptoms. They are Polyphagia, Polyuria, and Polydipsia.

1. Polyphagia or gets hungry easily

In the early stages of diabetes, diabetics will feel hungry even though they have had their meals. This happens because the body cannot utilise glucose due to the lack of insulin. The cell then sends a signal to the brain that the body still needs more food. In fact, no matter how much sugar is being consumed by diabetics, it can’t be used by the cell.

2. Polyuria or frequent urination

The functions of kidneys include filtering glucose from the blood and storing glucose for later. However, when the blog sugar levels are abnormally high, the kidneys are not able to function effectively. Consequently, glucose will be excreted with urine which leads to excessive urine volume. This is caused by the water drawing capacity of sugar, which leads to frequent urination.

3. Polydipsia or an unquenchable thirst

As understood previously, a lot of water will be lost in the urine. This will signal the body to consume more water (thirst) which results in frequent urination as well.

Other symptoms to look for:
These are the early symptoms of diabetes that often go unnoticed. If you experience any of these, you must consult your general physician for proper medical care. 

  • Weight loss
    Fat reserves will be broken down into glucose to compensate for the body’s energy requirements. To meet the energy needs, the body will break up fat reserves into energy. This will eventually decrease body weight.
  • Get tired easily
    The reduction in energy will weaken the body.
  • Slow-healing wounds
    Injuries take longer to heal compared to the general population.
  • Frequent infections
    Dental, urinary tract and ear infections are the common infections encountered by diabetics because high blood glucose can be an energy source for infectious microorganisms within the body.
  • Impaired vision
    Vision problems due to damaged blood vessels in the eye can be experienced.

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