Current Date:July 24, 2024

What is Sugar?

The chemical name of table sugar, the basic carbohydrate that we all crave, is ‘sucrose’. This naturally occurs in all plants, including vegetables and fruits.

Sucrose which is a disaccharide (di = 2) is made out of the monosaccharides (mono = 1) glucose and fructose. They are the building blocks of sucrose. All monosaccharides and disaccharides are considered sugars.

Now, we all know that excessive amounts of sugar are one contributing factor to diabetes. Consumption is moderation is a must. This can mean differently to different people, but the bottom line is making healthy choices that make meals balanced and enjoyable


As Sri Lankans, the suggested amount of sugar is about 25 grams/6 teaspoons of sugar per non-diabetic person a day. However, as the above image illustrates, the average consumption of sugar per Sri Lankan is 36 grams of sugar per day and this amount doubles when a person eats sweetened food and beverages.


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